Triathlon[TM] Activator


OEMs can configure and provision the hardware-level security module in their products, pre- or post-manufacture, using TriathlonTM Activator

For those who want to exploit the hardware-security features of Authenta or other security technologies after initial deployment, Triathlon Fleet Manager:

1. Securely delivers firmware and software updates at scale
2. Monitors device integrity using hardware-based attestation capabilities
3. Secures the device-cloud connections

Choose Flexibility: Factory- or Field-Based Configuration of Hardware Security

  • What Triathlon Activator does
    • Set up for secure boot
    • Cryptographic block locking. Allocate and lock memory on hardware easily, via graphical interface.
    • Flash image setup. Triathlon Activator loads and locks a secure image into memory.
    • Configuration / DICE enablement. Complete the initial provisioning.

Triathlon Activator is the entry application that OEMs and manufacturers can use to easily and quickly register, configure and provision devices easily. Makers of semiconductors, such as Micron, can use Triathlon Activator to “arm” their built-in security features before shipping the units to an OEM or downstream device manufacturer.Triathlon Activator performs the following tasks often requested by OEMs and manufacturers:

  • Loads a TriathlonTM agent into the Authenta processor, or onto other hardware-level security modules
  • Interfaces to Micron, Fornetix, or other Key Management Systems *
  • Assigns a configuration profile
  • Completes the initial provisioning for security features, before an Authenta device ships from Micron, or at the OEM/ manufacturer facility

Available in on-premises licensed, as well as SaaS-based subscription delivery format.